The Arsenal Collection is One Year Old Today

It is exactly a year to the day that we launched The Arsenal Collection, so we thought there was no better time to give you a reminder of what we have achieved with the website over the last year, an idea of what we hope to achieve for the future of the site, as well as some personal highlights from the collection this year.

There has been a hell of a lot of work put into the collection this year, but believe it or not, this is not even close to being complete! 
Our goal has always been to create the largest digital collection of Arsenal memorabilia you will find anywhere. As you can imagine, that is quite some goal, and you can find out more about The Arsenal Collection here.

We All Follow The Arsenal Collection

To date, we have had over 32,000 visitors to our website, an achievement we are immensely proud of considering we only launched a year ago. We have gained over 2000 followers on Twitter, and over 150 people follow our Facebook Page.

As well as this, we have had 68 people so far sign up as members of The Arsenal Collection.
Becoming a member means that you are able to create your very own online Arsenal Collection from the thousands of articles and items of memorabilia on our website. You can JOIN US FOR FREE HERE.

As regular followers and visitors will be aware, we launched The Arsenal Collection with the aim of aim of providing an extensive digital archive of the history The Arsenal, with a huge range of official and unofficial match programmes, handbooks, newspaper articles, books, photographs and many more items of various Arsenal memorabilia.


In our first year we have added over 700 programmes, the earliest of which being Woolwich Arsenal v Northampton Town, a Football League Division Two clash from Saturday November 151th 1913

We have also published a number of full seasons of home programmes. You can find the full list of programmes here.


Our collection of memorabilia includes a number of fascinating items, including architect Archibald Leitch's plans for Highbury, printed on cloth, submitted to Islington's planning department in 1913.

We also have numerous other items on the website, including a selection of official handbooks. This one from the 1930-31 season is a personal favourite. Just check out the front cover and you will see that it doesn't get much more authentic than that!

I could quite literally sit here all day and give you some examples of my favourite items and articles from The Arsenal Collection, there are that many, but the best way is to find them for yourself. So be sure to take your time to browse through the site, and remember that if you join the Arsenal Collection for FREE, you can save your favourite items on your very own Arsenal Collection, to return to at any time!

You can also subscribe to The Arsenal Collection below, to receive our latest news and posts via email.

All that remains now is another big thank you to all of you that have visited, followed and supported The Arsenal Collection over the past year, we honestly couldn't have achieved what we have so far without you, and we hope to grow the collection even more during our second year.

Up The Arsenal 

Andy, Mark and Darren - The Arsenal Collection