David Rocastle was interviewed by Melody Maker during the summer of 1989 and it was published in the August 19th edition. We're not too sure that the interviewer, Jonh Wilde, was much of a football fan judging by his reference to David O'Leary and Tony Adams being "navvies."

There was also a light-hearted column where Rocky answered a number of music-related queries.

For those of you with an interest in the music of that era we've included a review the Stone Roses' gig in Blackpool just before they took the indie scene by storm.

In the album review section an unknown band from the suburbs of Seattle had their debut release reviewed. However, it would be two years before Nirvana would become the next big thing. On the same page is an advert for Tears For Fears' new single following a three year hiatus.

Finally, the charts. If you're one of those who thinks music was always better back in the day, take a look at what was number one!