About The Arsenal Collection

The Arsenal Collection is owned by The Woolwich Arsenal Football And Athletic Company, Limited which is owned by Andy Kelly and Mark Andrews.
We have been helped in the construction of the website by Darren Berry.
All three of us are dyed in the wool Arsenal fans that have a very strong interest in the club’s history.

The seed for The Arsenal Collection was sown when Andy one day stumbled upon The Everton Collection.

Andy discussed the idea of creating a similar site for our club with his writing partner from The Arsenal History website, Mark Andrews.

Having spent a considerable amount of time digitising material we are now in a position to start publishing it online.
This is incredibly time-consuming. At present we are doing this in our spare time but our aim is to secure funding to employ someone to do this on a full time basis.

Most of the material that we have so far has come from our own collections. We have also been helped by two collectors who have given us access to their very significant collections.

1982-12-27 Tottenham Hotspur (H) FL 01